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Running a city used to be simple; make it simple again with Briefings that bring you deep understanding of the latest technology-based advances, from drones to digital government

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  • Be Proactive

    Our Briefings give your city the ability to be proactive in dealing with the latest challenges and opportunities in local government

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    From reading the news to dealing with the latest tech procurement, feel like you are up to speed with the latest advances

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    Modern leaders are expected to be comfortable with the latest advances. Lead your organization with insight into the future of cities

Briefing Notes Like You've Never Seen Them

Visual Walkthroughs of Complex Topics

All our Briefings include facilitator-led videos, precisely-engineered graphics, exclusive expert interviews, and curated additional resources. Get what you need to know quickly, and explore further when you want

A Revolutionary Format

You're short on time. Our Briefings give you what you need to know, fast

  • FAST: briefing videos you can watch in 45 minutes or less

  • EASY: no more wading through dense text; our resources are designed for watch-ability and understandability

  • COMPREHENSIVE: we give you all the information you need on complex topics, meaning you don't have to go anywhere else

Our Latest Briefing: Scooters & Micromobility

Quickly understand all the angles of a complex new field

Short, easy-to-understand videos walk you through the policy and implementation considerations of scooter share programs. Complete with interviews from leaders in the sector and additional resources to explore

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  • What is FutureBrief?

    FutureBrief is a place devoted to the intersection of technology and local government. We produce Briefings and other digital content to inform and educate city leaders quickly and comprehensively

  • What is a Briefing?

    Imagine a briefing folder that lands on your desk - but instead of stacks of paper, the folder is full of easy-to-understand videos, downloadable pdfs, and interviews with leaders in the field. Our Briefings bring knowledge transmission on a subject into the digital era

  • Who is FutureBrief for?

    FutureBrief is for anyone who wants to learn about a topic in citybuilding in a fast, easy-to-digest way. Elected and unelected local government officials as well as leaders from business, NGOs and other government and quasi-governmental agencies will find the most value from our Briefings

  • Can I buy more than one Briefing at a time?

    Right now our Briefings are available for individual purchase only, but we are building out a membership package - FutureBrief Annual. For more information, check out the FutureBrief Annual page and register your interest

  • Where do you get your facts from?

    Everything on FutureBrief is heavily researched and draws on the latest information from a variety of sources including news media, industry reports, data and statistics, and conversations with our extensive network of municipal and industry contacts

  • Will my access to the Briefing ever expire?

    Once you have purchased a Briefing your access to it will never expire